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UK NEQAS General Haematology Annual Meeting 2019


Birmingham NEC

Marston Green, Birmingham

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Programma preliminare

h. 09:00 Registration & Coffee
h. 09:50 Introduction and Welcome:

MORNING SESSION: Here come the cells!
h. 10:00 The laboratory diagnosis of Lymphomas
h. 10:30 Platelets in Regenerative Medicine

h. 11:00 Coffee

h. 11:30 Investigating the Haemolytic Patient: from presentation to diagnosis: An extended case study.
h. 12:30 MMy favourite blood film

h. 13:00 Lunch: Poster session and Morphology Quiz

AFTERNOON SESSION: Perspective on Performance
h. 14:00 UK NEQAS at 50
h. 14:20 UKAS perspective
h. 14:50 Morphology and more: the EQATE digital platform
h. 15:10 So my performance is satisfactory………….?
h. 15:30 UK NEQAS Haematology: What’s new?

h. 15:50 Morphology quiz results
h. 16:05 Closing Remarks and Awards
h. 16:15 Tea and Departure